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Pencils Work in Space

‘Pencils Work In Space’ is a large installation for branding & innovation agency, The Gild. London.
They wanted something which divided their new space and echoed the ethos behind their work ‘art and science’ The idea for the piece came from the technology development of the Space Race, the Americans spending millions on a pen to work in zero gravity, the Soviets taking a pencil.

The freeform structure is made from thousands of pencils, all invidually held together with joints creating a huge arch across the office. Staff walk through the installation to sit at their desks. In addition to the pencils structure, a number of walls were made to divide up the space hide a kitchen area and dictate the flow of movement through the office. These walls had hidden cupboards and spaces within them that were kept secret from the client and left to be found after handover of the project.

See a time lapse video of the installation here
Blog of the project in pictures here

Project Details

Client: The Gild

Large free form installation made from 5000 pencils